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The Bigger Picture: Daisy and Chris’ Next Big Move


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As it so happens one lazy afternoon as I was browsing my inbox, I was surprised to see an email from Daisy Jacobs and Chris Wilder telling me they’ve read my blog. For those of you who are not familiar with their work, you probably wouldn’t rationalize with my excitement of running around the living room in my pajamas doing this… As an avid stop motion fan, the first time I saw  the well deserved Oscar-nominated animated short “The Bigger Picture”, I was captured by the unique technique of blending live size 2.5D and 3D elements.


Props from Daisy/Chris’ new animation

Currently, Daisy and Chris are now in the process of campaigning for their next upcoming larger-than-life animation. As it is, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge and commend the efforts of independent artists. As an artist, I know fully well the efforts that goes into creating your own original pieces. It is a labor of passion and one that is a time investment often with cost involved. While there is still the idea that if art is passion, it should be free but the reality is artists also have to eat, pay rent, and function in the world as any other field of occupation.

So to artists that are doing their own thing to carry out their creative vision is always a refreshing site to see and has my support and admiration.

Their Next Project

daisy_jacob_animation_behind_sceneTeapot_stopmotion_daisy_chrisNow not much has been revealed about the upcoming animation Daisy and Chris has planned for yet but here are some sneak previews of images and animated gif that is sure to thrill and delight.

Just looking at the lovely colors make me wonder what magical mischief and transformations await. After all, what is more delightful than food and animation in the same sentence.  To see Daisy and Jacob’s upcoming project, visit their Kickstarter Campaign here. Any support or share would be a great help to their campaign and much appreciated. Now I would like to share with you all and a little lovely interview from the very humble down-to-earth animating powerhouse couple Daisy and Chris.

Stop motion Fruit Animated Gifs



A Short Interview with Daisy Jacobs & Chris Wilder

How Daisy and Chris Met

daisy_jacob_chris_hees_picturedaisy_jacob_chris_wilderWe both studied Illustration at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design for 3 years, then did a one year course in animation at the same school (Chris admittedly just followed Daisy because he was terrified of graduating) then Daisy went on to the National Film and Television School where alongside Chris she made The Bigger Picture. Daisy had been a writer and a painter from a young age and Chris liked making things out of cereal boxes and masking tape. These things intersected and here we are.

Of Stop Motion and Materiality

stretch_arm_2d_3d_stopmotionOur previous film The Bigger Picture was essentially a 2D wall painting animation with 3D elements that emerged from the wall. Since finishing that film we’ve been testing how we can push that technique to a more exciting level, and we think we’ve found a method of working that will be both more visually exciting and allow us to tell an even more engaging story. Animating life-size stop motion has a very tactile quality to it, there’s almost a tension in the animation itself, we’re struggling to make it work and you can feel that in some of the scenes. Which probably worked for the Bigger Picture because the whole story was about tension between the three central characters. Almost everyday something happened we were not expecting. The whole process was a series of problems to solve. However I also don’t we anticipated how much fun it would be, it was the hardest thing we’ve ever done but also the most rewarding.

On being Oscar-nominated and their feeling on embarking on their next film

bigger_picture_roomdaisy_jacob_process_painting_animationIt’s a brilliant platform to show people what we’re trying to do and the type of work we’d like to continue making.
Hopefully it means more people will get to see The Bigger Picture which is really wonderful. Animating independently is giving us the level of creative freedom we need to explore what we believe is interesting. I don’t think we’ve ever set out to complete something where there isn’t a certain level of ‘how on earth do we do this?’ The next film is no exception, we’ve taken the sections of The Bigger Picture that particularly excited us and are going to expand on those, both in scale and intricacy. We’re nervous just talking about it.

Last Thoughts and Tips for budding animators?

Be original and never take advice from anyone.


To learn more about “The Bigger Picture” or support Daisy and Chris on social media, go to:

Twitter@lifesizefilm  /@lifesizefilm2


*All medias used in the article with permission. 


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