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The Animator’s Prayer: A Poem by Andrew Goh

With this being the last week of finals, we posted up a beautiful poem of a prayer to keep all the animators. Today’s feature is a bit different from the rest but a close friend of mine and a crazy brilliant and ridiculously fast and versatile animator, Andrew Goh wrote a prayer for animators that are still facing their final countdown before deadlines.


Andrew Goh ©2015 with minor graphic tweaks from Shir Wen Sun

The Animator’s Prayer by Andrew Goh

Our artist, who roughs in extremes,

Hallowed be thy keys,

Thy breakdowns come,

Thy in-betweens done,

On Pegs, as it is in Autodesk Maya ©2015

Give us this day our dailies

And Forgive us our rotoscopes,

as we forgive those who mo-cap,

And lead us not into procrastination

but deliver us from crunch-time,

That’s a wrap.

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