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How to create and make money off your own LINE sticker PT 1


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Chances are if you are in Asia, especially in Thailand, you have probably heard of the super popular LINE chat application or have it on your phone. If not, it’s similar to WHATSAPP, GCHAT, and other instant messaging applications you may have on your smart phone. As of recent though, LINE has also been making a huge wave in pushing its way into the US with its cute stickers and celebrity endorsements.

So while, there is a wave to ride, would an artist like you perhaps want to learn how you can create your very own LINE stickers and make some money on the side. Although we are focused on some basic steps on how to do this, you can also visit the directions on the official site HERE so today’s post is more on trial and errors and tips and tricks on how to creatively market your stickers.



This post is sectioned into two parts=



Here are some tips and basic steps  in today’s guest post is written by my friend who goes by Shih-Hwa J. Tenkaminari who has created his own sticker set: SISAKA CHAN.

*Disclaimer* This is a process filed in Thailand so it might be a bit different than in the US. This post has been edited to condense the content. 


1.) How to Apply

In my case, I’m already a LINE user before they open for submission. So I didn’t have any problem with registration at this step. I’ve heard that non-user can register too, but I don’t know the details nor did I tried it.

In-depth instructions here:

Note: Think carefully about the E-Mail you want to register with because they don’t have “remember me” function, so you’ll need to type your E-Mail every time. Think twice if you’re gonna use long chuunibyou-ish E-Mail address. 

2.) Account Setting

Those who’re reading this surely can manage by themselves since it’s in English so I’ll provide only a few notes. (LOL)

Business Type: Select Individual

Company Name: (Your alias should work too, I use “Tenkaminari” here)

Address: I would suggest you to use your real address.

3.) Bank Account

LINE will send you money via Paypal only. So you will, obviously, need a Paypal account. But the point you need to make sure is that you have a “Premium” type account (Free), because you’re be receiving money.

4.) Application Form for Income Tax Conventionprocess

First you have to submit an application form for income tax convention. This form, from my own understanding (unconfirmed), is for transferring tax from your income to the country of your resident.

What you need is just print out 2 forms, a capture screen of your account information and send it to Japan. You need to pay by your own but it is what you would consider an “investment”.

Note: This might take a while for them to update your status to “submitted”, but it will not have any effect to your sticker review-sale process. I had my sticker on sale for few days or a week (forgot) before it was updated to “submitted”.


5.) Draw your stickers


Guideline inside is quite clear, but to sum it up…

a. You need 40 different pictures in PNG file with transparent BG (unless you had actual colored BG), each at the size 370 px x 320 px with minimum 72 dpi.

b. Each 40 pictures must leave 10 px of margin at all 4 sides. So your picture must be inside (10p x-360p x) x (10 px-310 px)

c. You need extra 2 pictures for main and tab. These can be the same picture(s) you had for the set of 40s.


6.) Submit your stickers

Fill in your Sticker Details in languages you know. Minimum is English.

For the “Copyright” area, it will show at the bottom of sticker store when it’s on sale. You can use anything here. I chose “© Tenkaminari Gallery”

Then upload your stickers, and you’re ready to submit.


7.) Wait for Status Approvalmanage_line_sticker

After completing  40+2 images, I submit it immediately without hesitation. It took around 2 months for mine to be reviewed and approved. It might takes more time now. You can revert your “waiting for review” status, but keep in mind that you’ll need to re-queue when you submit again.

If your Sticker got rejected from violations, you’ll need to re-queue again (I assume)


So this is the basics of how to create and file for your own LINE STICKER but  you want to know more in-depth personal tips/trials-and-error, we have the second part right here on TIPS TO MARKET YOUR LINE STICKER.

Chatroom: line://shop/detail/1001944
Web Store:



  1. This is exciting! I’d love to give this service a try. Only, I couldn’t find any information in their user agreement about who retains copyright in the stickers. Is it us the creators or LINE? Would you know by any chance?

    • Hi Daniele, you retain the copyright. There is a section to add it when you apply. 🙂

      • Do I need local copyright?

  2. Btw, i have three questions ask u.
    1. Size sticker image
    all of 40 sticker images must be sized 370 x 320 ? But when I read the guideline they write maximum 370 x 320 , so it mean each of them are not the same. For example :
    image 1 could be : 370 x 320
    Image 2 : 290 x 320
    Image 3 : 300 x 320 ,

    So am I correct ? I hope you will give me the right response.

    2 . tax form , how can I get it ? Could u tell me in detail about it ?

    3. Copyright
    How to get copyright? Or we can put any copyright we want write ?

  3. Hi there, are you able to share some tips on how to output the PNG files with optimal image quality? LINE says the minimum quality is 72 dpi, would you recommend outputting at 300 dpi instead? I usually use the ‘Save for Web’ function in Adobe Illustrator but sadly that seems to only output at 72 dpi but if I export it normally, then the size of the PNGs will be too big to upload to LINE.


    • Hi there, 72dpi is the resolution for screen and web output, you won’t be needing 300dpi as that is usually for print standards. Save for web would be a good option for you. If you output it at 300 dpi resolution, even at the size the stickers come out, you won’t be getting those details.

      • Hi mtonta20! Hoping you will see this 🙂 I understand the 72 dpi output, but what is very confusing is… what size do I start drawing at? Should I do a large digital canvas like 2000x2000px and then scale it down in photoshop? or should I just start at the large size Apple requires which is 618x618px 72dpi? I want to attain all the quality I can and that’s the part I struggle with. I hope you can help? thanks for your time! ~Mark

        • Hi Mark, you can start with a large digital canvas if you want but you might want to constantly scale it down to test it in the size of the actual stickers as you might find that overdetailing can also be an issue with images scaled down. the 618×618 would most likely be recommended as the sticker itself will not be that size when implemented. It really depends on if your art style is simple or intricate. Hope that helps.

        • I realize your comment is a bit old, but I’ve searched this quite a bit as well. I can’t say I have the right answer either yet.
          I would start my canvas as the 370×320 if you are doing it for Line. The larger your canvas is the more likely you will lose quality as you shrink it down. I’m not sure how that differs if it’s a vector file to begin with. That is the whole problem.

  4. Greetings! I am a new member of Line creator’s market and soon will send my stickers.
    I want to ask,
    1. is the waiting time for moderation that long? 2 months?? Is there any way to fasten this process, you know, maybe by contacting the staff.. but in the website there seems no contact person.
    2. Has your application form of income tax convention been approved? Is it easy to fill the form? Because there’s no instruction and I’m quite confused as the main texts says Japanese. I’m a bit hesitate if I make mistakes.
    Thank you

  5. Hi, is the tab image, the one with all the 40 images?

    Another question, must it really be 40 images? Can’t it be lesser?

    • I believe it can, the minimum is 8, or so I’ve heard.

  6. Hi there, just trying these out. But what happen if we do not meet the minimum payment? Will the balance gone or carried out to next month? They increase minimum payment..from 1k jpy to 10k jpy…


  7. Hi there,

    Are these dimensions of the stickers specific to LINE or is this a standard size to design a sticker generally?

    Also, is the tab image just one image consisting of white background and smaller versions of all the stickers? Or regular sized stickers?

    Thank you!

  8. Im currently in the process of designing my own set and am a tad confused on how the margin sizing works. They recommend 10 px on all sides for your main 40. Does that mean the actual size of your sticker is 370-(10×2) x 320- (10×2) (350×300)?

  9. Hi, I have a question,

    How to make my Line sticker has 2 languages ? I mean one sticker with all English text, and same sticker but with Japanese text ?

    thanks for the answers.

  10. hi there, ive request the payment to line and they say they already transfer to my paypal.
    but I receive nothing on my paypal account. where did my money go? its been 3 months since they told me that they already transfer. i hope that you will reply and give solution, Thank you very much……. 😀

  11. hi!, i had submitted a sticker set and it was rejected because it cannot be sold in some countries. can you tell me why this happen? thanks 🙂

  12. Have a look at my creator’s page!
    If you have any questions, you can mail me at and I will help 🙂
    Support me by getting my stickers 🙂

  13. I came across Stickertime. Looks like a market place similar to LINE where anyone can sell their stickers on the new iOS 10 iMessage platform. Given the amount of iMessage users, I would imagine this can be big. I just registered as a designer and will begin uploading there too.

  14. hi line said the paypal account can be bussiness type but i cant link my paypal accounct to the line account, help ??

  15. how long will it take for my account to be approved? Registration not completed.

  16. hi, mtonta20 thank you for the helps alot! 🙂
    finally I could make my own sticker line even though I have never learn design properly. pls kindly check my sticker thanks 🙂

  17. i would like ask about how many set of stickers i sell to get my sales revenue status??

  18. Hello, I just got approved of my sticker set and had it sold. I did as said, 370x320x72 px but my stickers turned out to be so small in the chat display. I am pretty sure I only leave around 10 px blank so how did this happen and what should I do? Thank you~

  19. May i have a question? what happen if i didn’t add my paypal account to receive the payment?


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